About Us


Philip Williamson

Philip  is our  founding partner  and  has  been  practicing  in  Hawkhurst for over  30  years.  Before training as an  Osteopath  Philip was a musician  and  because of help through osteopathy he decided on a career change and trained at the British School of Osteopathy (Now the University College of Osteopathy)

Philip is well known for his very gentle approach and he has extensive paediatric experience as well as treating adults of all ages. He has become particularly  experienced at dealing with chronic ongoing cases that have not responded with other approaches. 


Michael Pye

Michael started working in Hawkhurst in 2000. He has developed a contrasting but gentle approach to Philip. This has led to a complimentary approach in the clinic allowing patients to find a style of treatment that suits them. 

Michael also has extensive teaching experience both in the UK and internationally  in  lecturing  on  osteopathy  and    women’s  health and is the clinical lead at the European  School  of  Osteopathy Women’s Health teaching clinic  in Maidstone.   

Michael  is  able  to  advise  and  help  in  many  women‘s  health  issues  from   incontinence,  pelvic  pain  and  pelvic  floor  injury.  Please  call  or  email  if  you  have  questions  about  whether  he  can  help.  


Sebastian Pye

Sebastian  is  a  graduate  of  the  European  School  of  Osteopathy  with  a  Masters  in  Osteopathy. He  is  a  second  generation  osteopath and  keen  on  all  sports  with  a  passion  for  climbing  and  kite  surfing.  He  brings  experience  in  the  latest  management  of  low  back  pain  and  other  common  musculoskeletal problems as  well  as  special  interests  in  diet  and  exercise  and   experience  in  women’s  health  and  paediatrics  management.  


Delphine Pessemier

We are thrilled to welcome Delphine back after maternity leave. She is a graduate of the European School of Osteopathy. She has extensive experience with all ages of patients and will be available on Wednesdays and Saturday afternoons.